TeleHealth Billing

telehealth practitioner with patientWe provide just what you need at this time, Tele-Health Billing. We have been doing Tele-Health Billing since 2016 and can answer many common questions.

We have experience coding Tele-Health for Speech Therapy and Mental Health. We can check into the coverage in your state and teach you how to code.

It is important that we check your state regulations concerning Tele-Health and the reimbursement situation in your state. Each state is different, and we do not want you to be doing work you do not get paid for. Some states require credentialing or certification as a Tele-Health provider. We can point you in the right direction to valuable information and have resources to pull from.

There are specific coding requirements that specify where you are located, typically “office,” and that the client is video conferencing with you. 

When we check benefits, we check to see if Tele-Health is covered by the patient’s policy or if the service is excluded.

Another important consideration is the video conferencing platform you choose to use. It must be HIPAA compliant, which means it needs to encrypt your interactions with your client. This means that Skype, FaceTime, FaceBook Messenger and others like them do not qualify. We can recommend several HIPAA compliant options.

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